From modal to fullscreen and back again?




I’ve encountered an interesting challenge in trying to introduce a new task flow into an existing primary pattern for my company’s website. Basically we have a broadly established pattern that displays key content in a modal, and now need to introduce a secondary action that requires the users sign-in via a full-screen experience.

I know that it’s not good practice to have users go through a multiple step process in a modal overlay, but has anyone ever experienced needing to redirect users from a modal, into a full-screen registration practice, and then redirect back to a modal?

Even if you haven’t, does anyone have advice?


hi @misswendyhawkins
could you upload a sketch (or whatever) to better understand the flow?
I have some blurry points and maybe are already solved by the concept/design


I agree with above, maybe drawing it outmight answer your question. Out of curiosity, does anyone have some evidence or an article about multiple steps in a modal? My instinct agrees but I suspect I will need to back it up in the next few months myself.


I searched for it some weeks ago and I didn’t find any valid documentation.
At the end, we implemented a step-by-step process within a modal (from a selection view to a detail view).
We did a kind of A/B test providing the modal solution VS the page solution and the task success rate was almost the same.