Form design: ux patterns for suggested conditional statements, any resources or examples?



Im designing automation rules aka Business Rules form UI.
A page in which a user can create an automated rule based on triggers.
“if this happens, then perform x.”

Currently, I am interested in having suggested statements available based on the known user role.

In short: Are there any examples of online applications that suggest thresholds and automatic actions where a user can select one of many, in a limited, clean UI.

If so, please share with me.


Hi, I’m not sure if I got it right, anyway I think IFTTT could be really helpful


IFTTT is exactly the thing I was thinking!


Funny, to cause I had been to IFTTT a year ago and I couldn’t put 2:2 together (Recall).

This is a helpful direction.

Like all innovative design, I will scale this and twist the pattern to fit my cases.
Very mobile oriented vs my desktop saas UI.

Any other insight… set pieces of conditional statement samples, I’ll continue to check this thread.



You should try the app. IFTTT web version was fairly complicated, the app pretty simple even if a bit limited. I haven’t used it for a while, it was based on a nice and simple interface, it gave you some choices to mix together, one of my favorite was “if - snow - then - send an alert”. Basically you have to choose what should have triggered the alert. Very intuitive.
Or “turn of the wi-fi when - out of home”. Set the location of your home and you’re good to go.

For more complex actions it was a bit more complex, but the UI was icon based and very intuitive ( Ok, sometime icons wher not that clear, but fortunately they added labels).
Problem is that as user you can choose among a list of pre-prepared recipes, long and extensive of course, but not exhaustive .

Good luck with your project


I have the app running on my phone constantly! I get updates telling me to bring an umbrella if it’s raining, or if I get tagged in a picture on social media it will download the photo to my phone, and then back it up.