For your delectation and delight.... Introducing some members



Please welcome some folks to the community. I hope to make this type of thread every week. If anyone would like to be included, you don’t have to be new, just give me a buzz.

Alexander comes to us from the UK. He’s finishing up his master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction. He’s currently looking for work in the London area. He’s a little busy with finishing school, but he’s planning to participate in the discussions more when he’s done with school.

Shraddha’s friend recommended that she join UXMastery. She graduated from an interior design program about 4 years ago and has worked in the interior design industry for a few years as well. Last year she decided to switch to UI and UX design and dedicated my time to learn more about UI and UX processes and best practices, tools etc. I’ve just finished building my portfolio and starting to reach out to employers for UI/UX jobs.

Robert is the founder of Canadian education marketplace They speak to several hundred aspiring UX designers and product managers each month. He’s here because he’s always looking for resources and UX experts his team can work with to help people begin their career journey. He’s also always looking to connect with Canadians interested in learning new digital skills.

Pete also hails from the UK. He’s worked on book projects for Oxford Dictionaries which also includes the British National Formulary. He’s e adapted the Dictionaries from print to CD-ROM to web to app. He’s particularly interested in the ethical side of UX. He’s recently been working on a project called Lyra and invites us all to take a look.

That’s all for this week! :slight_smile:


Welcome everyone! Great summaries @Piper_Wilson

That’s a broad range of skills and experiences right there! I wonder if this kind of topic might help other community members find people that they have things in common with.


Welcome everyone! Nice idea as it’s a great way to get to know a bit about our community :slight_smile:


Great to have you here @alexcolledge @shraddha_rao06, @robert_furtado and @burgesstypography!

It’s good to read those snippets about what you’re up to and what you’re aiming for. I’ll look forward to learning more.

And very curious about Lyra too. I’m taking a look right now.


Thanks for the great intro Piper!


Welcome everyone! Hope you will enjoy your stay :slight_smile: