Follow up questions for Joe Natoli

If you couldn’t make it to @deprecated’s session on user requirements today, feel free to post follow up questions here.

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Hey @deprecated, sorry I couldnt’ make it today! Thanks so much for spending some time with the community here. We really appreciate it!

I’m currently int he process of trying to build a culture of good UX practices in a company that never had a UX oriented individual before me. What advice would you give to us solo-UX’ers who are just starting in with a company that has never known UX-centric design?

No worries, @deprecated! I know it’s a rather in-depth question. Between that and a busy schedule, I know getting a response out there ain’t easy. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much, @deprecated! These are all tremendously valuable insights. I’ll take a look through the videos and get back with you once I’ve had a chance to make it through.

I just came over from a thread about working through compromises and the soft skills needed to succeed in the business, and it seems like all of the points you speak to just emphasize the need to be well-versed in those areas to really make a difference as a one-person UX team. I’m sure @enlightened_06 would gain some benefit out of your insights as well.

Thanks for the follow-up. I really appreciate it!