Flexibility vs. Complexity is sharing documents to individuals



Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to find the best way to handle document distribution to different users, more details below. I am working on a legal tech Saas.

As the user of the step in the software.
I have several people who belong to a few different groups. The numbers may vary but it is around 3-4 different groups containing each 2-5 people.
I have on the other side 10+ different documents.

Only one user is taking the following action. As the primary user I want to customize which doc is sent to whom. Someone may receive all the docs, but someone else may get only doc A while a third individual may receive doc B and C. It requires a full flexibility.

I tried building the experience around the documents, decide for each document who should receive it with a final global send. But if the number of docs increase, it becomes quite a long task.

I tried focusing on people first but it is very repetitive at the individual level to pick all the docs to send to users from the same group. And focusing on groups does not offer the customization at the individual level.

I want to offer flexibility while making it easy for the user to complete the task, distribute the right documents to the right people quickly.

If you have seen example of such case nicely handled or blogs/books about something similar. Any help would be nice. Thanks.


Rhetorical question: What is the deciding factor as to whether someone should recieve a document or not?

It sounds like your people groups don’t help much but can you group the documents instead?

Or are there other ways to group the people?

I am imagining a situation where you might have different departments in a company such as marketing, accounts, sales, tech and then you might have staff, contractors and managers.

In that case someone may be both in the marketing group and in the contractors group.

I may be a long way off.