First UX Research Project - Am I thinking clearly?



Hello Everyone. I am planning to execute my first project on my own, with no design experience to say for starters. If you all could give me pointers/suggestions I’d appreciate it.

I am part of a community of Eritreans (from East Africa). We meet every month to discuss issues and things going on. We have discussed the need for a website because the members have had problems with having access to event addresses, phone numbers, key event dates to plan ahead, documents lost, etc. (Communication problems in general)

We have members of all ages and accessibility plays a big part. I’d love to do research and then create a website to suite the needs of this community. However I am not a designer, do I get a designer to join me on this project to help design? Or shall I take courses to learn and do it on my own? I am planning to do user testing as well.

My processes for this project is 1- Strategy: Stakeholder interviews - with the chairmen (key contacts) of the organization getting a deeper insight into the culture, priorities of the project…etc
2- Research Phase: Personas to get information about usergroups and needs. User interviews to gain insight about what is important to the users, their daily lifestyle and how the website plays a part with features that benefit them the most.
3- Analysis : UserTesting to see if they can accomplish tasks and errors that come about. Affinity Diagram will also be created.

This is all I have planned out. Any opinions? Should I take a course on Udemy for Design skills so I can do it on my own? Or ask a design friend to collab? What do you all think of my processes? Thank you. PS I’m sorry this is so long.


Hey there,
I think that collaborating with a designer is a great idea. It sounds to me as if the research side of things is where your passion lies, so I’d focus on developing those skills.


Thank you. I really want to be a UX Researcher and that is really where my passion lies.


Hi @arsemeta,
I agree with HAWK that you should partner with a designer. Preferably someone with some research experience so they can mentor you.

Rethink your process just a bit:
1- Strategy: don’t forget to set goals for what you want to accomplish here.
2- Research Phase: Make sure to interview the users and do the analysis of the research to create your personas. :slight_smile: You use the affinity diagram here to help conduct your analysis.
Design goes here
3- Analysis - this is actually the validation stage after design. Doing the usability testing can lead to a lot of iteration, so be prepared to do that as well with the design.