First hand information to be on ui


I am working on this new design, which works similarly with foodpanda except for schools. So, my problem is that my boss want me to put review button on card on the listing page, but don’t want to because its a second hand information. First a user to goes to product page get him/her self familiarised with the product then he/she looks for reviews. hence its a second hand information which doesn’t need to be shown on listing page …
what do you guys think…?


Hey there – welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m really happy to help but I’m not familiar with Foodpanda so am having trouble envisaging what you mean.

Could you include a screenshot or sketch?


Foodpanda is an app which shows restaurants near user let them order food and my app work similarly with foodpanda. Now my real problem is with review button

foodpanda app listing

play store link


my design


Having ratings front-and-center seems to be one of the best ways of differentiating where I want to eat. It’s why Google, Yelp, etc. all have them prominently displayed.

I’m curious about your objection to “second-hand information.” Why does this bother you?


I am all good with rating in front, but i am not happy with review button. See you won’t read reviews of any product/restaurant(or anything) until you know the product/restaurant. If you come across a new product/restaurant you would like to get know the product/restaurant and like to know what they are offering, then you would go to reviews read what other people think about it.
Hence, review button should be on the front.