Figma 3d motion video project

Hello friends, can I ask some questions about Figma to better understand those who already use it? I am interested in opinions, both positive and negative, this broadens its capabilities in my opinion, I understand that you can look through a bunch of reviews, tips, advice, but what is important for me is the opinion of the community, the people who directly use it.

I want to know the opinion because I want to create a 3D motion video about figma, not for commerce but for fans of this program, who has seen examples of Microsoft motion? that’s what I want to do about figma, and for this I need to understand what people love more about figma. can what features are. I think that in chats from real people it is best to learn these feelings

I just ask you to support me and help in the study of opinions, I understand that I can strain with my questions, but imagine then when everything is ready I will show it in the chat itself and when I post, I will definitely refer to the communities that helped me

Welcome to the community @VASYL_ISAIEV!

Not everyone uses Figma. Not sure if this is the best place to post this. Perhaps check out the Figma Community platform.