Feedback and tips on a profile window layout



Hello guys. This is my first post, hope I’m not breaking any rules.
I came to this forum with the intention of getting some advice about this app I’m working on right now.

Some background: I’m a student at computer science, don’t really have any background with UX, except that I really like that subject, I might learn it at some point. So I’m as clueless as they come on design.

Anyway, I’m working on this Music Social Network-kinda app that’s map-based, meaning you can create a user of your own, designate it as a Musician, or even say, a Teacher to teach music stuff. And you attach to your user a map marker object which shows where you live.
A user can create a Profile of his own, which other users can view for themselves by clicking on the user’s marker icon (or by search using a sidenav). You can see all sorts of stuff in the Profile window, information about the person’s skills, his past actions, the music he’s making, and other stuff.

Right now I’m working on the initial design of that window, and I’ve come up withthis crappy drawing:

Honestly, you don’t really have to answer this seriously… I’m just lookin for any small, side suggestions.


Nope! You’re not breaking rules at all. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Do you think there might be privacy/safety issues with showing where you live?