Expanding to the American market (from the EU) with a platform

Hi all,

It’s been a while (although I’ve been reading some topics now and then). I’ve just started my journey at Parkos as a CRO specialist/UX designer.

About Parkos: Parkos is a platform like Booking and Airbnb for parking at airports. We are a fast-growing start-up based in the Netherlands. That’s also where our platform started, we quickly grew to Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and more countries. A few months ago, we’ve been moving to Australiä and America. Our goal as a team is to fail fast and learn quick.

The problem: The American market is so different from the European market and we aren’t able to gain any traction with our targeted audience over there. We’ve just made a copy of one of our sites and implemented that, of course, that’s not working. Now we’re doing research and we find out for example that we’re cheaper than competitors, but since our prices include taxes and fees it seems higher (In America all prices are excluding taxes and fees). Probably there are more things like that.

Question: Does any of you have experience with the American market and could you give me some feedback? Of course, any UX feedback is welcome.

Website: parkos.com

As a thank you. I will mention your name in a blog I’m going to write and share about how to move your SaaS product from Europe to America. Also, I’ll give feedback on something you want feedback on.

Hope to hear from you! Feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn so we can also learn from each other networks.