Exam Paper from Design Course


Hi everyone

I’ve now gotten back my exam paper from my Design course (20 ECTS - 580 hours) and its graded, so now I can share it online.

Basically, we were in study groups presented with three design challenges by a Danish bank, and then we in these groups had to create a concept and a horizontal prototype. After that, we all individually had to write 20-25 pages about the design process through reference to our curriculum.

Those of you interested, are free to read it if you want. I’m not saying you’ll necessarily learn anything new from my paper, because I am still a student, but you are still welcome to read it. I spent a lot of time on the paper, and it is hopefully proof-read enough. It also received the grade A as the only one in my class, so I hope it’s not utter bullshit for any of you. :grin:

If you decide to read it, you should know that the paper continuously makes references to appendices. Appendices are basically either transcripts of interviews or questionnaire submissions, but it is all in Danish. But you don’t need to see appendices to understand the paper at all. So just ignore these. :slight_smile:

If you need to know, the paper had to answer these three questions in less than 25 pages:

  • A presentation and argumentation for your design in relation to the design challenge and the usage situation you have worked with.
  • A discussion of your design methods and techniques in the design process - including a discussion of the chosen methods and techniques for your design and the choices you have made, as well as a reflection of the user’s role in your design process.
  • Analysis of one or more aspects of your product with respect to its usability and user experience

Check the paper out here (PDF)