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hi mates need little help here, i am working on a enterprise application…and its now in discovery face. since there are 4 products for various usage i am trying to build a MIS solution. I thought i will go for Customer journey map to understand the workflow, but i need your suggestion on research phase. What kind of research would be suitable for this ?


Are you referring to building a Management Information System? I wasn’t sure what MIS stood for, but that seems to work.

Customer journey mapping is great for having a very high level perspective on the whole process, especially where you need to communicate findings—and how they relate—to other team members and stakeholders.

Seeing as you’re in the discovery phase (and exploring and open to new ideas), and looking to develop a wide view, I’d use a mix of formative and summative methods. For example:

  1. Contextual enquiry or user interviews (rich, behavioural data)
  2. Traffic analysis & metrics (behavioural, quantitative)
  3. Something else, as relevant. ie Card sorts, surveys or diary studies to develop mental models (attitudinal)

It’s hard to say without knowing more about your project, but the above (or similar) will get you in the ballpark.

You’ll probably want 4 inputs minimum, and at least one of those needs to explore the MIS territory from a strategic perspective.

How do the four products relate? What kind of brief did you get?



Yes you are right, it is Management Information System.
Your suggestion makes more sense and thank you for the brief, since we are in the very early stage of implementing UX in Agile(JIRA), we thought of starting with persona mapping with the existing stories and the upcoming stories. Currently product managers are coming up features and its not always very relevant with the persona, so we want to map persona to the scenarios / usecases in JIRA.
Little brief about the product : we are in to Print MIS, so we have different stages in printing like estimating, planning, production, delivery, analytical solution for the company, prepress, packaging, etc…so there are multiple products to support these process, which leads to a big products list in SCRUM / JIRA.
So we are into aligning the UX thingy right on the platform, i presume now you see it .
Could you please share some of your experience implementing this workflow.


I agree with @Lukcha, explaining acronyms it’s one the first steps to make your audience comfortable and to engage them with your topics


i am curious about where to start to build a persona and how do we segment the suitable persona for a enterprise model…any suggestions please


Here are some resources:

How to create UX Personas
How to create User Personas that deliver real value
Persona Templates

There are also lots of free tools out there. Check our Userforge or Xtensio


@hawk thanks hawk, good resource