E-Commerce Development

Hi all, not so long i want to start a E-Commerce project and want to know how, on what platform better do it. I read a lot of information about it was the best what i found.


In terms of user experience, I would say that Woocommerce and Shopify have good design patterns

Platform selection depends on your business and development needs:

  • if you want to run a simple e-commerce store with less than 5000 or 1000 SKUs, you can use Shopify or WooCommerce.

  • If you plan to have a huge unique store or marketplace, I advise using Magento.

  • if you don’t want to take care of hosting, think of Shopify.

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E-commerce has completely revolutionized the process of online shopping and has transformed the way consumers purchase their goods and services online. It helps buyers, sellers and end users to connect to each other irrespective of their geographical presence and offers the right platform to endorse your goods and services online.
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A lot of people have this confusion while they want to build their eCommerce store.

Yes, there are many platforms for eCommerce site development but I feel wooCommerce the best platform to build an eCommerce website.

And also you can Hire eCommerce Web Developers (WDP Technologies) for development. There are many IT companies that provide offshore development services.

In my opinion, the most cost-effective and robust e-commerce platform is Woocommerce. Here’s why

  • Easy to customize, you can change as much as you want.

  • Development and maintenance costs are comparatively lower than Magento & Shopify.

  • Thousands of plugins and themes are available.

  • Community support is greater, so you won’t get stuck at any time.

  • 100+ integrations with other systems are available.

  • More SEO friendly.

I have my own shop on the Magento platform, and I’m very glad I chose this one.

I would suggest doing A LOT of research before choosing a platform.
I have used Easy Digital Downloads for WordPress for a number of years - it has its pros and cons.

I looked at WooCommerce a few years ago, but found enough forum talk about support going downhill, that I didn’t want to take it further.

WordPress is always subject to what you might call “plugin hell”: Especially if you’re not a developer, its easy to just install another plugin whenever you need something. My site had about about 30 plugins, and they didn’t always play nice together.

Also, WP was not designed as an e-commerce platform. It might be worth your money to pay for a dedicated platform, like Shopify or something similar. Depends on what your digital skills are, and what you are willing to do yourself.

cgarrison812, Hope you have already started your E-Commerce project, However, if you are using woocommerce then these are few essential woocommerce plugins which you can use.

Choose VARStreet ecommerce platform as it is easy to use and comes with a range of features to make it easy to run your online business

Well, there are many eCommerce store creation platforms. But out of all of them, the Shopify is the best. It gives you so much freedom and flexibility to control your business. The admin panel of Shopify is way easier to use. For more info regarding Shopify development & design, Feel free to contact the team of Softpulse Infotech.

I think woocommerce will be a good platform because of it’s flexibility, professional look and it is secure.