Does Bulk Order Functionality Increases sales and reduce abandon cart?

I am thinking about testing bulk order functionality along with the Up/Cross selling offers and optimizations tweaks, to enhance the capabilities and functionality of online stores

Because it’s time-savvy and customers can add multiple products to the cart without surfing the product pages. Moreover, it allows customers to select quantity, choose variants and checkout with just a single click.

In order to add this functionality to the eCommerce platform, I came across these extension/ Apps

For Magento: [URL= [Quick Order](
For Shopify: [URL= Quick Order by SolverCircle For WooCommerce: [Quick Order for WooCommerce](Quick Order for WooCommerce - WooCommerce)

what do you guys think about this functionality and apps?

I haven’t used Magento, But I am using woocommerce for many years And used many woocommerce plugins including Quick Order for WooCommerce. So you can test Quick Order at least.

And yes Woocommerce quick order plugin ideal for B2B eCommerce stores where buyers usually know what they want and even have a list of SKUs and product names of what they want to order.

Well the quick order functionality for a client’s e-store is working great! Because of COVID-19 majority of the customers are ordering same things like Masks, Sanitizers and other consumers items. So, here comes the quick order handy and enables the customers to place orders in a more time-savvy way and also encourages to buy more.
Here is another guide for using Quick order effectively.