Do I need web / coding experience to learn UX design such as wireframe

Hey guys I am really interested in user experience and design. I have been looking into the creation of wireframes. My question is: would one need to have experience, for example in coding / web developement in order to become an expert in the ux field? Or is it a completely seperate thing that can be mastered alone without experience in those areas?

I will be grateful for any feedback, thank you!

UX is a lot more than just wireframes, or even websites or apps. It’s trying to understand how someone will use something, and building around that. It’s used in websites for designing to improve conversions. However if you want to learn, it would be better to study the behaviour of customers and people, and how they go about doing things.

If you for example are building a website for doctors, you would want to meet with a doctor, and ask how he would expect to use the website. What his workflows are and what’s important to him. From there you can maybe build a wireframe, or improve on an existing one, since you have a better understanding of what he was wants to do, and how he wants to do it.

I guess the more you learn about behaviour and customers mindset, the more you can improve on UX.

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