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Curious to know what companies do you think do UX/UI and crafting inspiring user experiences well? Back when I was a Web designer/Art Director it was always easy to tell which agency or firm had the smooth polish or style. Many of these rich media experiences fell into the fwa awards category. But I think the skillset is no longer just a visual play –it’s a ease of use skill as well. What i wonder is if the same companies who visually create great experiences are the same as the ones that create great UX/UI? I wonder if the true discipline is something others recognize in other companies? As I said back in the day before UX/UI was even a word (acrony!) Which companies do you admire for UX/UI?


They aren’t a design company but I am keeping an eye on what smashing magazine are about to release. They have been redesigning their site and have turned it into a progressive web app. I’ve very intrigued to see what they’ve done and how they’ve improved their user experience.

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Thanks Jacquidow

What sites do you regularly watch besides smashing for the latest in UX?

This one :smiley:

I also follow a lot of UXers on twitter, and medium. And I sign up to lots of newsletters - NNG, UX notebook etc

If you’d like more details on those I can compile a list for you?


I would really appreciate it. I’m curious about the top 10 :).


  • Alertbox - Jakob Neilsen
  • Smashing magazine
  • User Focus
  • UX Notebook

Twitter People
(Just a few I follow)

  • Nomensa
  • UIE
  • Creative Bloq
  • Sarah Doody
  • Jared Spool
  • NNgroup
  • Doug Collins
  • Chris Oliver

Sites I keep an eye on

  • UX Mastery
  • Sitepoint
  • Smashing magazine

There are also some good slack groups out there for UXers too:

  • Designer Hangout
  • Product Tribes - UX Pin
  • UX Mastery - AMA sessions

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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We’re also thinking about ways to open this up to be a more general discussion space. I’ll get in touch with you about it Jacqui – I’d like to pick your brains.


Sounds awesome! Just drop me a message when you’re ready :slight_smile:

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I follow few worldwide agencies, but from a few years ago, my favourite one is Fantasy (

Yeah! Oh i forgot about them. Remember Barbarian Group and Big Spaceship? Crispin Porter. I really think it’s hard as a single company to do UX/UI great or visionary across all deliverables consistently but that’s why it seems some agencies and design firms are building a lot of UX/UI leadership positions based around experiences of those great ideas.