Degrees in Asia

Hello, I am new here and I just want to mention that I dream every night about being a UX designer. I am currently pursuing a diploma in Design Communication here in Singapore at LASALLE College of the Arts, which is basically more towards graphic design. I want to get a degree, but I do not know which one I should pursue. Here in Singapore, there are currently three contenders:

LASALLE College of the Arts
Degree in Design Communication
(I could just continue in this school, but I would prefer to dive more into user research and HCI)

Singapore University of Technology and Design
Degree in Design and Artificial Intelligence
(This may be the best option among the three but I may be wrong)

Singapore Institute of Technology
Degree in User Experience and Game Design
(This has a Math elective and I am willing to learn but I will probably dislike it)

I was wondering if there is anyone here in Singapore who can offer advice about these schools or maybe just about anyone who is from Asia who can give some alternatives. I am open to other countries like Australia and New Zealand as well. Thanks.