i know this is a really boring topic til now…
but is that ux degree really matter?

or just focus on building a badass porfolio? but is that possible learn any knowledge from the book?
that’s not so many school have related course…probably just one has a HCI course… but well money issue…

so well just confusing how to start… book a online courese?

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Heh. Not boring, but it is something that we’ve talked about a few times already.
Have a read through some of these discussions and come back if you still have questions. Happy to talk it out further.

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Hi K,

I 100% agree with what Hawk has said above and that link is also super duper useful.

I will tell you though coming from someone who hasn’t gotten a degree in anything and has avoided any form of formal college like the plague, it has its positives and negatives.

I however will try to go the no degree route and in this field it is definitely obtainable just by searching the web and seeing others who have done it with some time put in and maybe a boot camp under their belt!


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i thought i may ask before about this topic:sweat_smile:
but ye. i had a degree on exhition design…so i did have a not so badass poforlio about the display…but mostly just windows decoration and plan a exhibi…
i made some logo before by online request…but none of them are acceprt by clients…:cry:
well but i have the knowledge of html css even js jquery… but well web development is quite hard to enter…
so i decide to turn the other way. btw i know the differnet between the ui/ux…

so literly my question just how to get start into this area. how to know anything though this by not go to the college. i know some online course may be good…but the quality is that really match the real one?
but i may have a look into the … it sounds fundamental…

at last thx for that info post.

hi thx for your reply.

i know some people may switch to differnet area easily by no background…but i guess not anyone…
so how to start by go to the no degree route?

…reading tons of book or attend some meetup?
but is that suitable for those no fundamental person???

What do you do currently? Do you have any UX related skills?

hi, no. not on ux area…if you mean the research part or interiview…
but on design i know some tools. … and i learn the basic web dev online also…

i m literatly work as interior design area. but must no the expert:grinning:.
so …just wanna quit…