Definition of Design



I stumbled upon this tweet:
"Design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about market relevance and meaningful results"
I fully agree with this statement, and you?


I think it’s a question of whether you view design as an art or an answer to a problem.

As one of the engineers, I think it’s pretty clear where my sympathies would lie, but I can recognize that others might find the latter to be too reductive.

I’m not sure, I like the “market relevance” component, because while it approaches the idea, it potentially boxes in design as exclusively a market activity while non-market design is incredibly common. Maybe I’d phrase it as “Design is about how well the user’s needs are met and with how much impact.”

I guess you could see it as a combination of Norman’s Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design.


hi @treyroady

It’s my fault!
I didn’t specify the context. Of course, here design is related to the product design process. It does not matter if is a digital or an off-line product.


I think that we traditionally thought of ‘design’ as creating beauty, but I agree – it’s not.
After listening to Don last week I’ve realised that (a) we design everything and (b) it’s not successful if people don’t buy into it.

So yes – I agree too. I may not have in the past though.