Collecting and Confirming Data from Existing Customers

I’m researching common UX methods for Confirming and extending customer data for a financial institution. My goal is to understand all of the methods of presenting the customer with their information and have them be able to confirm that the information is correct, and if not, be able to edit it. I know this is a common practice, but cannot seem to find any case studies or research on the topic. If anyone is aware of existing case studies, samples, or other terms for this method, please let me know. Thanks!

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Good question, and a pretty important topic. I’m afraid I can’t offer much here in the way of research.
My personal opinion:

  • I would want easy access to a form or presentation of this information, but I wouldn’t want it shoved in my face every time I visit the site/app.
  • No dark patterns: tell me what info you have on me, and let me edit/delete it easily. Don’t ask me to phone/email/meet up in person to edit my data

Have you looked into GDPR plugins for WordPress? Just for inspiration, I mean. Might be something there (or GDPR in general). Hope something turns up!