Check out my PORTOFOLIO! Please!


Hi there,
I am a freelance visual designer and I want to change my career to UI/UX design. Please check my portofolio for feedback!

Thanks a lot!


Hi Mihaela,
Here you go:

  • Your personal statement is great but it would be good to get even more insight. Do you have a downloadable resume or CV that you could link to, outlining past experience?

  • Some people don’t like sharing photos of themselves, but I like seeing pics. I feel like it gives context and connection.

  • The light grey text on a white background is pretty hard to read. I’d considering increasing the contrast significantly. The same applies to the white on yellow.

  • There is a typo on your About page. varios should be various.

  • You’ve done a pretty good job of explaining the purpose of the projects, and you’ve documented your process or the skills used for the first two, but the third one is missing those aspects, which are important in a UX portfolio.

  • The last case study is a bit confusing. I can see from the URL that it’s your visual work, but there is no notation indicating that. It feels like a last minute addition.

  • It would be good to be able to paginate through projects without having to go back home.

Hope that helps!


@HAWK A 1000 thanks for your feedback! It surely helped and I already started to change it!


Hi @mihaela_chiuariu. Nice work so far!

I’d +1 everything @HAWK mentioned. Two additional things you might consider:

  • I’d highly recommend making it so that when you click on any thumbnail of your work, that you can then view a full resolution version of that thumbnail. For instance: You could do it in a modal, or just open the full resolution image in a new tab. Tiny details are often the determining factor when considering applications.
  • Creating a friendly video of yourself where you briefly share your story can also set you apart from the pack.

Best of luck!


@startlaunch Thanks a lot for your feedback and your time! I’ll make the change and I’ll try to create a video too!.
Again a 1000 thanks for your words.!