Celebrate GAAD with us (and an Accessibility Review)

With Global Accessibility Awareness Day hot on our heels (May 19) we’ve decided to do something fun.

We’re going to do an Accessibility review of a well-known site – and you get to nominate it.

Note: There is no time commitment required if your nominated site is chosen – our team of experts will do all the work!

Credit for the idea goes to @Dean and we’ll be working with his team at AssistiveWare to pull this thing together.


  • The philosophy behind this is to demonstrate that improving accessibility benefits usability in general, and that accessibility isn’t an add-on.
  • We’ll conduct some collaborative and practical activities around usability (and accessibility) to learn from each other (and the experts)

How it will work:

  • You (our community) get to nominate websites that have usability issues. Make them well-known, larger brands (rather than small businesses which might feel picked on
  • We’ll select 2 or 3 great examples to tear down.
  • As a community we’ll share observations about poor usability
  • Then we’ll involve the experts (we’re thinking the amazing Derek Featherstone) in the discussion
  • We’ll write up the findings into a case study to publish on the AssistiveWare blog

Let’s get started!