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Long time since i online in this site, because i am busy doing stuff. Of course its busy learning UX
but right now i really want some opinion from someone who work in UX.

i am now looking job in UX/UI field right now, and i am learning HTML/CSS/Java to make the prototype. i am still learning that and i have good progress on it. but i am no uni/college grad, i am just HS grad and i think this going to be hindrance for me to get into industry.

so, what i want to ask is :

  1. is there a chance for me to get into industry if i am HS grad ?
  2. should i show to my future workplace my draw of UX, like design, user flow, etc or my experience working in UX field ? i mean, if i need to show them my experience, that mean i need to find the UX “job” before i apply to them
  3. continue from question 2, if i need experience first, where i can get that ? i can only imagine that i am working in small team, but i dont know where i can find that team. and i know that i can only work remotely because i live in indonesia and i dont see any ux/ui group right now.

Thanks for reading my post. :smiley:

What is the best way to study UX?

Hi @kibou – great questions. I’ll jump in and help you out tomorrow if no one else gets here first.
I have a deadline to meet tonight. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! If you have real passion and talent, qualifications aren’t all that important. I suspect you’d be hard pushed to find a UX professional over the age of 30 with a college degree in UX. People come from all over the place to this profession.

You have nothing to lose by applying. Plot a path that includes education and experience, and apply for jobs all along the way. Build a portfolio, take on volunteer projects, offer to intern for free (if you can afford it) – just get out there and get your hands dirty. Employers are going to value enthusiasm and a great work ethic as much as a formal education.

You don’t need to work with a UX team. Go to your local school, museum, or community group. Offer to do pro bono work in return for using the project in your portfolio. You need project experience and portfolio material primarily.

Does that help?


Thank you very much, Hawk.

i still confused about your second answer. i will applying to that office, but i dont know how to plot a path that includes edication and experience, build portofolio (well, i tried it before but i dont know if that count, especially about volunteer projects. can i do that thing remotely ? because i live in indonesia and i barely find anything that related to UX. and What is pro bono work ?


No problem. By “plot a path that includes education and experience” I meant that you should continue on your path of learning, and pick up as much experience along the way. You have nothing to lose by applying for anything that comes up, but don’t put other things on hold.

Pro bono work is when you work for free (usually to get experience). Offer to help out a non-profit for free, in return for using the project in your portfolio.

You can definitely do this kind of work remotely.


Right now, i am learning HTML5 to help me create prototype. my friend told me that i can use HTML/CSS + Bootstrap to create simple prototype. i am learning that right now.
and for UX, i watched videos and read article in here.

For bono work, i dont know where i can find that. i mean like is there a certain site for that ?


No, there’s not I’m afraid. Talk to your local schools and museums. :slight_smile:


i dont think we have something like that in here.:frowning:


You don’t have schools?


lol. ofc we have schools. what i mean is the pro bono work in school or museum here.
what should i do [SIZE=13px]?[/SIZE]


Pro bono work exists everywhere. :slight_smile:

What I mean is that you go into a school, introduce yourself and explain that you’re training in UX and would like to offer to work on a project for them for free, in return for using it in your portfolio.
Does that make sense?