Card sorting for help centre articles

Hi Everyone, Hoping someone may be able to share some links related to this:

I’ve recently started looking after an internal help centre / knowledge base. There are tonnes of articles for the support team and no categories as yet.

I was thinking of getting some of the support guys to do a card sorting session, but I’ve never conducted one before.

My biggest problem is that we have sooo many articles and the support guys are always under the pump so it’s hard to get a lot of time for this. If I do a session it will have to be 30mins max, unless there’s another kind of online option they can do in their spare time.

Can card sorting be done with a small sample of articles?

Any links would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, an online tool would be better. You can check out OptimalWorkshop. They have a lot of good articles on what to do as well.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @jdebari , This looks great. Much appreciated. – another option is to do a crowdsourced card sort using something like OpinionX? Either way, using an online tool will certainly make the task less than 30 minutes each.

@danielkyne OpinionX looks pretty awesome. Thanks!

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