Can you share your UI/UX opinion on the new webpage for tech&science projects?


Hi guys,
my name is Katarzyna, I’m a co-founder of Internest - a virtual marketplace for top notch tech&science projects.

We’ve just launched our platform few days ago. We make sharing noteworthy projects easy, help get organized and venture into new markets. The topic is quite difficult, therefore we tried hard to make the user interface as friendly as possible.

I came here to hear the voice of professionals and see if there are any improvements we should introduce to make the website easier to use and browse through. Would you spare few minutes of your time and help us bring tech&science closer to people?:slight_smile:

What interests me the most is:

  • if the home page ( is clear, do you instantly know what the platform is about and does it make you want when you try to find something on the website - is it intuitive?

  • Do you find the needed things where you expect them to be? Is anything confusing?

  • are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, sign up for a free trial, etc.)? Can you tell me why (or why not)?

  • any additional feedback/comments you may have.

  • Thank you in advance for all the ideas and suggestions! Oh, and the mobile version well… not quite there yet :wink:


Hello Katarzyna

Most of my feedback is really from a content perspective - but hopefully it will be useful to you

I like the idea/concept behind your Hero banner graphic at the top of the page and the way the cursor interacts with the dot/line illustration - I must have played with it for almost a full minute!

I’d think again about if it adds enough value to take up as much vertical space as you have given it. Now to your question, the vague headline doesn’t really tell me anything specific (tech and science should be separated by spaces by the way) and I don’t understand it.

Your title tag text is actually more descriptive - calling your site a “virtual marketplace” thus giving me more of an idea of what to expect.

UPDATE: I keep editing and updating my post here - and now I have finally read your how it works page and I see your customers are actually the technology or science companies - you are basically providing an online marketing space for them, creating content, doing content SEO, providing analytics, doing graphics work and even advertising. So I see now that you have two main audiences to serve - the companies AND ??? (investors?)

Meet top-notch tech&science projects from all over the world and make business with them

From this line I gather that your company is based outside of the United States because the wording is a bit awkward to American ears - for instance we don’t typically “make” business, we may “do” business and you can’t really “meet” a project but you can be introduced to one or be informed about one. PS: I read your about page just now and see that you are in Poland which makes sense to me now. By the way, the site’s existing home page footer is still in Polish and so are several other things so double check that.

does it make you want when you try to find something on the website - is it intuitive?

Well because I didn’t really understand from the top of the home page what it is the firm does I have to say no. I did click on one of the project boxes to see if I could figure it out

are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, sign up for a free trial, etc.)? Can you tell me why (or why not)?

No because I still don’t understand what the site is for. The one finger pen project I read about seemed to be looking for funding to produce their product in enough quantities to do further user or market testing - so is that what the site is for - for projects to pitch themselves to potential investors?

Oh one more thing I noticed just now - on your home page, the footer with all the navigation links to your about page for instance isn’t there - it is only visible once you leave the home page



Late last night it occurred to me that your site could be described as “Kickstarter for science and technology projects” because of the way they too have to serve two different types of users.