Can you help me by reviewing my survey?


Hello Everyone,

I recently started a personal design project for football club fan mobile application. As a part of my process, I’m creating a simple survey to validated my assumptions. This is the first time I’m trying out a survey. But before sending, I like to share this with you guys and help me in fixing the grammar. This is the link to the Football club fan survey

Thanks in advance


Before start into too deep, I need clear my doubts about football fan. so I thought of asking you because you can help me.
This survey will take you about 5 minutes to complete. All of your answers and personal information will be confidential and used only for this study.

Your answers to these questions will help us develop a great user experience. Rest assured, all your personal information will be kept confidential and used only for this study.

Please type the abbreviation of your favourite club. Eg: if you follow Arsenal then type - ARS.

What is the standard abbreviation for your favorite football club. For example, if you follow Arsenal then enter ARS.

Note: Who publishes the list of acronyms for all football clubs throughout the world and can you maybe link to it? Is that information easily known? Why not have them just enter the team name and clean up your data afterwards?

Are you interested in know news & updates about other clubs? *

Are you interested in receiving the latest news and updates about football clubs other than your favorite?

Apart from League Matches, Do you follow FIFA World Cup Matches? *

unnecessary capitalization: In addition to regular league matches, do you also follow FIFA World Cup matches? *

Do you watch all your club matches during a season on live through TV or internet streaming services? *

During the season, do you normally watch games live on TV or on internet streaming services? *

If you are not able to watch your clubs live matches during a season, Then what will be your reasons?

If you are not able to watch your favorite club’s matches live, what is the most common reason?

  • game not available on broadcast TV in my area

How often do you forget about your clubs match date & time? *

How often do you miss your favorite club’s match because you forgot the date and/or time of the game?

Do you use any mobile applications to get you reminds about the date & time of your club matches?

Do you currently use any mobile applications to remind you about the date and/or time of games?

How often do you search the internet for these types of contents regarding your club?

How often do you use the internet to search for the date and/or time of a game?

Do you use any mobile application to get latest news and updates about the club?

Do you currently use any mobile application to receive news and updates about your favorite club?

If you use any mobile application to get updates about the club, then what are your worries in using the application?

If you answered “yes” to the above question, is there anything you don’t like about the mobile application you’re currently using?

If you are not able to keep your club wallpaper on mobile, then what will be your main reasons?

If you are not able to put your club’s wallpaper on your mobile device, what are the main reasons?

No good wallpapers available

Don’t get time to change wallpaper

Lazy to search wallpapers

I don’t like to keep club wallpaper


I can’t find a wallpaper I like

I don’t have the time to change the wallpaper

I’m too lazy to search for wallpapers

I prefer not to put my club’s wallpaper on my device



How often do you search the internet for these types of contents regarding your club?

How frequently do you typically search the internet for the following types of content about your favorite club?

Blog Post

Blog Posts (since all the other choices were plural)


Thank you very much for your time and effort @SteveCrow. After correction, now it’s making more sense and reflects the same thing in my mind. I really need you prove my writing.

Regarding the clubs you raised good points. In my early survey drafts, I was collecting the clubs full name. but after a test, it seems very hard for me to map. So, while asking feedbacks I asked them about how familiar are they with club abbreviations. And the answer was very positive. Everyone said in same voice that they know their clubs abbreviations and they also said the use abbreviations quite often during chat. This give me enough confidence to ask club abbreviation and it will be easy to map.


Glad to help out!

It’s great you took the time to ask the followup question of your user group about the abbreviation, so you’re probably okay on that. However, just to be safe, why don’t you provide a pull down menu with all the club names in alphabetical order instead of making it a text entry field - it could look like:

Select Your Favorite Club

3 letter abbreviation - Full name spelled out
3 letter abbreviation - Full name spelled out

That way you sort of have the best of both options - users familiar with their team’s code will still find it easily and those who are unsure can find it quickly enough by name.


I thought of having option of drop down but the list of all clubs are humongous. That’s why I shifted to ask name directly without a constraint.

That’s a good idea to ask abbreviation and full name. It will help me a lot. But when you think from a respondent perspective it a but in easy to type the length club names and if he is a hardcore fan he will definitely know the abbreviation. I think I will do a small preference test. That will give confidence. What do you think Steve?


hmmm, yes a huge list to scroll down through would be an issue - unless maybe you could easily search through it or jump down to all the clubs that begin with, for example, the letter S (alphabet sorting I mean)

Oh and to clarify I didn’t mean to indicate that the user would have to type in the abbreviation and full name, only that they would see a list of club names displayed like that from which they could choose their favorite club.

Your idea to do a small preference test seems like an excellent idea, get the data to make your decision on so that your best direction could be found and can move away from opinions and speculation. Although I am more intuitive and empathetic by nature, at times like this, data rules! :slight_smile: