Can we make 500 members before 2015?


So I have a challenge (admittedly one that I have set for myself, but that sometimes just makes it more of a challenge).
We currently have ~420 members here at the UXMastery forums, which is pretty awesome considering we’ve been around for less than a year.

I want to hit 500 before we hit the 12 month mark.

Reckon we can do it? Tell your friends, neighbours, colleagues, pets (but only if they’re into UX). Let’s see if we can make this place go nuts!


But Wednesday doesn’t have an email address :frowning:

Hahaha - no seriously I think we can do this! :slight_smile:
Get sharing people!


I’ve been pointing this site out to people that I come across who want advice, but I’ll keep sharing :).


Very cool!


Thanks, how are we going? Are we getting any closer?