Business writing, Technical writing a part of UX designer responsibilities?


A discussion took place - whether or not UX / UI designer is responsible for writing text (Instructions, descriptions, etc.) in a specific B2B business management platform? Or maybe text writer should be a separate job position like technical writer or ux writer who works hand in hand with UX designer? I’m not asking about content strategy and information architecture - plain text writing.

Is that a key skill a UX designer must have because it feels like that is expected from coworkers?
Thank you!

Yes for the concepting phase. Copywriting is a big part of the user experience. I never use Lorem ipsum texts for example. The final texts should be done by a copywriter, but while concepting UX designers should have some writing skills to enhance the experience.

It also helps during pitching and explaining what you’re doing at a specific point since text can explain and sell functionality for example.

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