Bookmarklet install UX



I am looking to create a page where a user must create a bookmarklet, then click it. The process involves enabling the bookmarks bar in the browser (if it is not shown), then dragging a button or a link towards the bookmarks bar, then dropping it onto it.

I have researched how others do it, and the best I found were the Instapaper bookmarklet, and the Spritzlet bookmarklet. Their unique implementation is to show visual feedback while the user drags the bookmarklet towards the bookmarks bar.

Still, there is no sure way to know that bookmarks bar is showing, and that user actually dropped the bookmark onto the bar. Second, there’s no easy way to explain that user must click the created bookmarklet on the bookmark bar to proceed.

In otherwords, there’s a lot of stuff expected from the user that is off-screen from the content of the HTML page, and there’s no way to know where user made an error.

Another alternative, thats used for iOS, was to get the user to bookmark the page as normal, but the bookmarked URL is… and after that expect the user to edit the created bookmark and delete everything up to the # hash from the URL. It is a neat trick, but it’s even harder to expect the user to do this.

Any other ideas?