Book Coming please help

Hi everyone… I’m about to finish a online course + a Book (+/- 250 pages) that focus a lot on UX with AGILE (based on Scrum).

  • Tips of working within, and ideally leading, multi-disciplinary UX teams including user research/usability specialists, interaction designers, visual designers, accessibility specialists and user education.
  • Plan the user experience activities throughout the Agile (lean/scrum) development process, and ensure the project’s UX delivers on plan and budget;
  • Understand software development lifecycles / methods (such as Waterfall, Agile - Lean / Scrum).
  • Understand the workflow with enterprise customers and/or large solution development companies.
  • Have a better view on UX industry, in a user interface design, usability or consulting role.
  • Planning properly a multi-disciplinary user experience team’s involvement in a small (lean) /medium/large-scale IT project (scrum).
  • Designing information architectures, creating wireframes in the right way, and creating high-fidelity visual designs.
  • Working more effectively close with the development and test teams, being an advocate for end users throughout the project lifecycle;
  • Deliver short-term consulting engagements to customers and partners, e.g. user-centred design process workshops, heuristic evaluations / usability reviews, accessibility reviews etc;
  • Drive the design of the user experience for key client projects, applying an iterative prototyping and evaluation process, and ensuring best practices in usability and accessibility are used throughout;
    There’s any other thing that people need to know most?

*** PLEASE LET ME KNOW if there’s any RELEVANT TOPIC FOR YOU!! (eg. “I would like to learn more about X topic”), If some topic isn’t here, let me know .thank you for your help!! I really want to help to improve our field under IT development (Glass, Smart TV, desktop and mobile dev teams). Cheers! E.

Hi Érico,

maybe you can add something regarding UX Teams of one.
In some smaller companies there is not much experience with ux so they try to integrate an UX Expert as colleague or lead of a design team or even developers with some skills
I came along a lot of requests in the last time so what you could integrate:

  • Convincing Product Managers to invest more in UX activities
  • How to deal with activities as the only UX Expert (see book UX Team of one)
  • How to build up a UX network in an agile Development process
  • Pitfalls in practice and solutions
  • Short- mid and longtime strategies for integrating UX in agile and companies

Best regards

Great Georg! thank you very much for the help. :wink:

Georg, quick question… what do you mean by : “UX network n an agile Development process ?” exactly?

Here is some reference link of my online course… will upload the content next week.


Hi Erico,

what I meant was more in the sense of an communication aspect.
How can you share your UX Result, Designs in a collaborative way.
Fast, multiuser, roles,visual


  • You create a sketch and let designers, PO´s and other stakeholder comment it
  • You create an Persona and want to share information and komment reasons for specific design
  • You want to present UX results and other UX guys should be able to suggest solutions or sketches

Is there a cool tool you recommend or specific behavior how to speed up communication