Blank Generic User Consent Form


Hi does anybody have a generic user test consent form in a text file I can alter. I’ve got one from an online course, but its very detailed and the language is way too legal. P


Grab the one from here Paddy:


Makes me wonder. Isn’t consent implied by turning up and doing the test?

Spend the time on something that will make the product better instead.


A consent form is important because you’re usually recording the person’s voice and sometimes their face. They may have concerns about a video of them fumbling through a product being published online, so gaining permission to record them, and reassuring them in writing that the audio/video will only be shared within the project team [I]is[/I] important. Also, many people don’t realise before the session begins that they’re being recorded, so having them sign for the fact clearly articulates that they’re agreeing to it. It’s akin to a model release form in television or film.

I agree that it shouldn’t be something that takes any time (those templates I linked to above are good enough). But it shouldn’t be skipped!


I want to add another template ressource. ( They even differ content based on type of test:
[] [h=3]Consent Form: Remote Usability Test (Adult)[/h]
Consent Form (Minor)
] [h=3]Consent Form (Adult)[/h]
Consent & Recording Release Form (Minor)
[*] [h=3]Consent & Recording Release Form (Adult)[/h]
There are some more templates behind this link: