Best platform to build a submit and review type of product


Hi guys, I know this is going to be a long shot but I am thinking of trialing an idea for a website service that allows users to sign up, submit a location, review it based on a few variables (atmosphere, price, etc). it’s not real estate related or airbnb style so i am not looking for anything of that calibre.
Looking build a quick mvp myself but I dont know if wordpress has those capabilities. I have some dev knowledge but nothing that requires back end database management.
Anyone have ideas?



Your goal is to create a mockup of the product, is that correct? If so, what platform are you designing for - mobile, desktop, both?


Both preferably. Its for people on the go looking for a place to work urgently. The concept hasnt been explored yet so not much more details I can sahre at this stage. Just curious of what constraints to work within and how best to luanch it later.


If your goal is to show what a product show look and function like, I’d explore Adobe XD, JustInMind or Sketch (mac only). They are programs that allow you to build an interactive user interface prototype without having to do all the coding work. They will be far from a fully-functional, but for building conceptional prototypes they are great at what they do.

Adobe XD is currently free; JustInMind and Sketch both have free trial periods.


Thanks Doug, I’m actually just scoping out future platforms this idea cna be built on not prototyped on.
I currently use Sketch and Invision for my design needs :slight_smile:


It seems to me that Google Places provides what you need. Their pricing model is strange, though :roll_eyes: Hard to tell what you can get for free at a glance.


You could go with WordPress then, which can be customized with some elbow grease using CSS and PHP. If you aren’t a PHP wizard, I’d stay away from it.