Axure Resources


Hello guys,

I´m currently searching for Axure Resources, Libaries, best stencil sheets, Tips and so on.
Does somebody of you has some interesting links to share?
Can somebody of you offer related links or give some tips how to proffesionalyze the usage of Axure.
Would be great. Thanks in advance


I´ll start with this ones

Links for a better usage:

Libary Overview:



Did anyone find anything to add to this list?

As I’ve mentioned on another discussion, I need to learn Axure and I need to learn fast- like yesterday.




I found their online help excellent, it certainly got me started -

For more advanced problems their forums have been great, but in all honest I’ve only ran into a couple of issues myself beyond what I had already learned. One problem with trying to create a sticky nav, and a second issue with some animation effects.

It’s also worth downloading any files that look interesting, and taking a look at how they put them together.

Good luck!


I got this recently in my mail:
If you have some money this is another option

I think for the start the axure website and above ressources are quite good

Best regards Georg