AWESOME IDEA! For writing hypothesis that include psychology theories

Hi all,

A few months ago I walked into a problem since I was pretty new to CRO (conversion rate optimization). I’ve got experience with UX, data, and code, the only part missing for CRO was psychology. To write a good hypothesis it needs to be supported by theory. So I’ve created a list with more than 200 valid theories. No way I can learn them all from my head any time soon (since I’ve just become a dad, 1,5 month ago, my mind isn’t working as it did before)

I came up with this idea to build a tool where you can create a roadmap, write a hypothesis and put all your documentation in. The first MVP part will be to make a search engine which you can use to find psychology theories. Search results can be found by name, description, categories and tags/keywords. In the upcoming months, the first version will be published.

First of all, what do you think of such a tool? I’m looking for some people that would like to test the tool (only the search engine for the psychology theories first).

Leave a reply here and I’ll send you a link where you can subscribe so that I can notify you when it’s live.

Feel free to have critics on my idea so I can develop it any further. Pssssst curious how the search engine will look like? Check it here.

We’re currently working on an Alpa version, feel free to drop feedback! I’m very curious about what you guys think of it.