Avoid Multiple Dropdowns

Hi All,

I and one of my friend are working on a college project. Wherein they have multiple departments, each department will have multiple programs, each program will have multiple curricula, each curriculum will have multiple term/semester, each semester will be divided into A & B division/sections, each section will have multiple subject/course, each course will have multiple occasions (test1, test2, test3 & so on).

In a year, 4 curricula batches will be running and a faculty will be handling course in at least 2 - 3 courses in different terms/semesters in the different curriculum. We had to provide the department, program, curriculum, term/semester, course/subject, section, occasion drop-downs. Woah, I know too many drop-downs. Each drop-down is dependent on its previous drop-down.

We were able to reduce 2 drop-down i.e. department & program by finding out to which department user will belong to. But what about the rest? We have been trying from so long to find the solution to reduce the number of drop-downs. Alas. Can you help us with any tip which can break this ice?

The number of dropdowns is bound to the hierarchy the college is structured … i don’t think there is much you can do about this :wink:

For skilled users or users who allready knew your page you need a “search” to get them fast access to the page(s).

For new users who need guidance, a less “technical” and more personal approach might be a wizard (see e.g. https://uxplanet.org/wizard-design-pattern-8c86e14f2a38).