Ask the UXperts – Sketchnoting and the UX Process


The next session in our series of [B]Ask the UXperts[/B] chats is coming up early next month.

[I]Ask the UXperts[/I] is a series of free online text-based chat sessions, each running for approximately an hour. The session will take place in our Campfire chatroom. (Note: these are text based chatrooms, there is no audio.)

This time we’re talking to Mike Rohde about sketchnoting and the role that sketching can play in the UX process. Mike is author of [URL=“”]The Sketchnote Handbook and he has kindly donated a copy that I’ll give away to a participant during the session, so make sure you don’t miss it!

[B]Join the session here on Thursday 10th April at 5:00pm PDT [/B]or find out what time it will be at your place [URL=“”]here.


I’m pretty excited about this ATU session - Mike has been both a valuable source of design thinking and an [URL=“”]inspiration to continue sketching. It’s a privilege to have him sharing with the UX Mastery community about the role that sketching can play in the UX process. It’s going to be great!


He also seems like such a nice guy (in my brief dealings with him).


@Hawk - He has def been a game changer in terms of really supporting visual communication.
A nice guy indeed and very active in the sketchnoting community. I’m soo excited for this event.



I´d be also really interested to attend the session of ask the Uxperts but unfortunally the time of the session in europe doesn´t fit for me.
AS I´ve read the book of Mike I´d ask you to put the session afterwards online so that it´s possible to watch it afterwards whenever
there is some time.

Hope you understand
Best regards


Hey Georg,
Sorry about that. Time zones are the bane of my life! The sessions are text chat only, so I’ll post a full transcript up once the session is over. If there are any particular questions that you have for Mike, let me know here and I’d be happy to ask on your behalf.


It must be pretty secluded there in the future (Australian timezones), I’m with Georg - It’s a tricky one for me too. Do you record the sessions?


I’m in NZ. We’re even further ahead than Aus! There isn’t a recording because it’s text chat only, but I’ll do a write up with full transcript on afterward/ Let me know if you have questions for Mike.


I’ve actually just finished watching the videos of Mike’s The Sketchnote Handbook and I am so impressed!


Thanks everyone for coming along to today’s session with Mike. I’m impressed with the questions you all asked and it’s clear people got a lot out of the chat. Hawk will put up a transcript on later today.

A massive thanks to Mike Rohde for giving us his time, and congratulations to Simon Catford for winning a copy of Mike’s book.

Keep the questions coming!