Are design and content interdependent?


Are design and content interdependent ? If yes, how can you justify it ?


Could you give an example? This sounds interesting. I want to make sure I understand.

At first glance though, I’d say they are interdependent.


It depends on how you define design I suppose. To me, design is about solving problems (for a target audience, in a given context of use). I’d argue that content is very important - it’s important in the sense that if you start by defining the content first, it’ll make the visual design aspects much easier to do. However I’d say a pre-requisite to know whether the content is right or not is to understand the goals, the users and the context of use.

Hope that makes it clearer…


Coactive Design is a new approach to address the increasingly sophisticated roles that people and robots play as the use of robots expands into new, complex domains. The approach is motivated by the desire for robots to perform less like teleoperated tools or independent automatons and more like interdependent teammates.


I agree. I see content as something that is designed. It’s carefully and intentionally crafted to work in equal partnership with all the other designed ‘parts’ in the experience.


I would say yes, especially with the rise of the UX Writer role. We all need to work together to make the best product. :grin:


I’d say content is a part of Design.


I am not sure i quite get you. But from the little i understand i will say no.
Content is a subset of your design. Content in my opinion is a form of design. It is stylistic and so much thought goes into its creation.


I think they’re contextual and depend on the design field.

If you’re downstream in a rigid hierarchical waterfall project management situation, then the design is usually just the paint on the content. In these situations, I push specifically to have content/interaction be kept separate from visual design until the prototype stage. I prefer to fit the content into wireframes and work on mood boards separately. Org hierarchy/clients are awful at ignoring user flows and focusing on the color of the header text. You could say the information design is happening at the content creation stage, but whether the writer is doing it well is on a case by case basis.

If you get to interact with the content creators, then design can be part of the content creation process. Those are the best jobs.