Animating Bitmaps in Principle?



Many thanks for the helpful answers to my last post on UX mastery.

I was wondering if anyone had an answer to the following:

Is it possible to animate bitmap images in Principle? Has anyone done this?

Or else, is it possible to animate bitmaps using other tools?

I am a beginner when it comes to animation.

God bless.

Many thanks.


Adil Agha Khan
Head of UX Design at Mid-Atlantic Neurosurgical Associates


Hi Adil! I want to make sure I understand your question - are you asking if it’s possible to use a bitmap to create a non-bitmap animation, or if it’s possible to create an animated image with a .bmp extension using Principle?


Thanks Doug! Man, you’re awesome at this, huh?

Specifically, I was wondering if for example you have a transparent png image, is there some way to animate that itself.

Like for example, say if you have a transparent png image of scissors, is it possible to animate the scissors so that they would open and close?


It is not possible with just the png file. Have to use CSS or Javascript or both.


Assalamo alaikum, Mr. Nawshad

Peace be upon all :grinning:.

Yes. Many thanks. I am thinking about doing this via stop motion/ time lapse photography like this: