AI and UI/UX design

Hi, Is it still worth to learn UI/UX as there is an AI that can recreate some of the content that designers initially made it?


I would say that if your aim is to become just another UI/IX designer who can use Canva, then don’t bother, why? Because everyone can use Canva.

But, if you aim to be a pro, meaning that you deepen your design concepts for evergreen design and you are able to understand someone’s needs and requirements, then definitely yes. It is worth learning UI/UX.

Hope this helps!

I am learning Figma, before that I learned Adobe XD. Yes, I aim to be a pro. Thanks for the advice.


Yes it’s still worth being a designer. AI should be seen as a tool and not a replacement. See it as a way to help streamline your process as apposed to doing things for you.

Absolutely! Learning UI/UX remains crucial in a world where AI is making strides. While AI can recreate some content, the human touch in design is irreplaceable. UX design, focusing on creating meaningful and user-friendly experiences, requires the creativity, empathy, and intuition that human designers bring.

AI can assist in data analysis, pattern recognition, and generating design suggestions, but it lacks the nuanced understanding of human emotions, behaviors, and preferences. Understanding UX enables effective collaboration with AI developers to craft seamless, user-centric applications.

Ioana Teleanu, in her insightful Master Class, emphasizes that AI is a tool, not a threat. She wisely notes, “AI won’t steal your job, but a UX designer who uses AI will.” AI has the potential to revolutionize UX design by personalizing user experiences based on behavior and automating repetitive tasks. Designers can focus on creative aspects while AI handles routine elements, streamlining the design process.

However, challenges exist, such as ensuring ethical AI use to address bias and transparency issues. Striking the right balance between automation and the human touch is crucial for the future of UX design. So, dive into UX design, leverage AI as a tool, and learn from experts like Ioana to stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.