Advice on making the switch from CX to UX research in Sydney

Hi everyone,

For some time now I’ve been considering pursuing a career in UX research. I’ve been working in customer support roles for the last five years, but I’d like to have more of an impact and develop my research and creativity skills.

I’m currently working on a UX project with a few other UXers who are based in the US and Europe, so I’m hoping to add that to a portfolio in the near future.

I’ve been thinking about signing up to IDF’s monthly plan to take advantage of their resources, or doing a short course from Academy Xi. I’m not too sure whether it’s worth spending the $1,000 or if employers in Australia prefer that you take a course run by an Australian educational institution. Does anyone know what is preferred?

I graduated with a Master of International Relations and International Communication in 2014, and I’m hoping the intercultural/cross-cultural knowledge I gained will come in handy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, or any advice you might have for me.

Thanks! :blush: