Advice Needed: Suggesting Changes to Businesses


Hello all,

I have made a couple of side projects for myself as I am going to DevMountain -SLC for UX Design. These projects came from 1) An app that I use frequently and 2) an application process I had frustration with.

I have not been hired by the respective companies for the Designs and Suggestions that I have put together.

So, I would like some guidelines on the following worries:
-What role in these companies should I look up to find the guy that might best use this information?
-Should I send a direct e-mail or find if they have a forum to post my work onto?
-Do you have any tips for submitting suggestions to a company? What should I include in the initial post, and what should I avoid including in order to more clearly make the suggestion?

Any other thoughts are welcome as well. Thanks all!


It’s a bit hard to say without knowing anything about the company. I’d get in touch using their advertised contact details and ask them how would be most appropriate from within their organisations.

I’ve never done this myself but thinking about how I’d like to be approached were it my company – I think it probably makes sense to send in an email explaining your background and that you’ve used their product for a project to gain experience. Tell them that you’d love to share the project for free and that you hope it will be useful. I’d be careful about wording negative feedback in a positive way. People don’t always appreciate unsolicited negative feedback.


Thank you for your reply! In saying “be careful about wording negative feedback in a positive way”, you ring a good bell with times I’ve made suggestions in a small task groups. I kind of always forget that when sending a message, any message, to a company, you’re dealing with both - the company as well as the reader of the e-mail. (A person and a business in other words)

If it would help, the app that I have a feature suggestion for is the client for League of Legends, made by Riot Games.

Otherwise, I’ll keep along the ideation I’m working on and come back for feedback when I am more prepared to present it to Riot Games.


Good plan. I know some people that work at Riot so could possibly find out who you should approach when you’re ready (no promises though).