Accessibility and UX Design - Video and Skillshare Class

Hey everyone! I’ve mentioned here on and off about my upcoming Skillshare class on Accessibility for UX Design, and some of you asked for a head’s up when it was up-and-running.

So here’s the announcement: the class was just posted this morning! It’s about 45 minutes long and covers basics of accessibility design, how to run an accessibility audit on your site, and how to talk to your stakeholders about accessibility.

You can get my class - along with access to thousands of others (such as the highly-recommended UX series from our very own @deprecated) AND 2 free months of Skillshare premium - when you sign up by visiting

If you’re less into video classes and more into reading, I’ll be releasing an e-book version of the class for $9.99 later today on Amazon. I’ll update this post with the link once it’s up-and-running.

A quick note about this shameless self-promotion: I ran this by @HAWK to get her OK before posting.