A UX Shift: Service to Product based Industry


Hello there, I have been serious and devoted in learning and exploring with core user experience subjects starting from psychology to research to interaction and to UI design.

Started my carrier as a UI designer and grew interest in learning and practicing UX. Working in a (MNC) service based Industry for almost 2.5 years I have realized that there is no growth and real scope when it comes to implementing core UX principles and methods due to various xyz factors.

At this point, I have realized that I need to shift to a product based company, which can fulfill in exploring UX subjects and get myself on the right carrier path.

I am a bit skeptic now on: when jumping to the right product company, what factors do I need to focus on when building the portfolio? Also do you suggest any online courses that I need to do in this case of mine which will ease me in getting through the desired company.

Please advice and vision me!

I am passionate and keen on learning and practicing Cognitive Psychology, UX Research, followed by Interaction Design and have been reading a lot of such books.

Manish- Bangalore, India.


Theoretically the type of company you join shouldn’t affect your portfolio presentation. Provided you clearly document your process from start to finish you’ll be good. Here is a good place to start.