A product design framework, in need of feedback & advice



Hey folks, how is everyone doing today?

This is my first post here so please point out any error’s that I’m making, thanks!

As a recent software engineering graduated I’ve decided upon graduating to never persue a carreer in software engineering but into digital product design/UX/UI instead, to as why I want to do that is a whole other conversation that I’d be happy to talk about.

Because of my background in engineering, I tend to wan to work in frameworks en proceses, I’m currently trying to figure out a framework that will help me go from idea to end product, here is a rough draft to this framework:

I’ve basically boggled it down to 5 high-level processes (ideation, discovery, concepting, building, launching), with each processes having a single or multiple more low level processes.

My question to you guys, what do you think about this framework? Is it flawed? Am I missing something? What can I improve, what do you like?

I’m trying to get to truth as fast as possible, so I appreciate direct feedback, no harm will be taken.



Look into the ‘user centered design’ process. Yours is similar albeit in a different order. It’s good to use mature tried and tested methodologies and will help u in the real world too


As lykc says, there are already quite a few tried and tested product design/UX/UI process frameworks in use - some very similar to yours. If you’re starting out, the key ones to understand are:

  • Design Thinking
  • User Centered Design (UCD)
  • Iterative Design
  • Agile Software Development
  • Lean UX

These 2 articles are good starting points:

These books give a good overview too:

  • Undercover User Experience Design (Cennydd Bowles and James Box)
  • Design Thinking (Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris)


I love this community! What awesome answers. :heart_eyes: