2 logos in 1 website


I’m working in a website that have 2 logos, 1 important and 1 not so important but i need give both attentions. I’m confused about what to do in this case.

I put one in the header and other in the content, but it’s getting a lot of space.

this is the website: http://www.planodiretornf2014.org/

Do you have some idea?


Hey Jonathan,
Is the second logo the one with the houses in it? (Apologies, I only read English so am not completely sure that that isn’t an illustration that goes with the top post.)


Exactly, i didn’t explain, my apologies.


I took a short look and I was kind of confused when I clicked on the Logo on the top left I was directed to I don´t know where … another page
Maybe you should give a little more information about the pages and especially what the logos are about, why you need to place them and so on …
the information you write here is not enough to help you deciding this issue

Best regards


Sorry…i’m getting my English better yet =D


This is a city hall project website and they have their own logo, the red with some houses. But they want the city hall logo too, that is the white with the little flags.

I was confused with that. “How structure a website with 2 logos?”.

The logos positions were wrong. I’m changing the structure now. When i’m finished, i’ll post here to you guys.

This plataform WIX is limited…


Definitely happy to help Jonathan.

On Georg’s note, I agree that I think you’ll need to be careful about what you put in the top left. It’s a convention that this takes the user “home” for the site they’re on, so launching a new window and taking them to a different website breaks that convention and is likely to cause confusion.

Let us know when you’ve made your changes and we’ll take a look.


Hey guys. I finished the first modifications.
I changed the logos positions and added more information in the inicial page.
The footer is now with a navigation and the secondary logo.