Zeerat.com UX analytics tool - session recordings and heatmaps


Hello to UX Mastery Comunity,

we just released new version of our analytics tool www.zeerat.com. We would like to get your feedback about our service. We are great at video recordings of visitors sessions and generating advanced heatmaps. You can register for free and use it at your websites.

What can we do:

  • Video recordings of websites
  • Advanced heatmaps and scrollmaps (you can see clicks on HTML elements even as a number)
  • We can detect errors, dead clicks, angry clicking etc.
  • Advanced filtering
  • Smart Professor Zeerat function will calculate score of your pages and tells you what to improve
  • It is easy to register and to implement tracking code (same as with Google Analytics).
  • And there is more, let’s try it

If you would like to, let us know (hello@zeerat.com) and we will send you more free credits. Use “UXMastery” as a code. :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

  • I like it
  • I would like to know more about it (email us at hello@zeerat.com)
  • Could be better (please, tell us what to improve)

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