Your help is needed - preference test


Hi everyone.

Thanks for those who helped me with the last 2 tests that I shared in the community. I have another preference test test that I would be grateful if you can help me collect some results here.

I would also be more than happy to hear your feedback, if there is any :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful day.


Well this one seems easy, the 2nd one.

However, hereโ€™s a question - what if the project is UX or UI related say for a mobile app - which project type does that fall under? Design?

If I said the project was UX for a web site does it belong under the first category Online Projects? Or is that still Design?


Thanks @SteveCrow, and a great question. This is just an example and is not a finalized idea, but your point is absolutely right and I will keep that in mind if we moved forward with categorizations to make sure that we are having right categories.


Second one for me too. Aside from being more visually appealing, it made me feel like I was getting a more personalised service.


I liked the second design. Because when you comparing it with the first design the form is smaller and straight forward. Also In the first design, I think the user need to spend a little time thinking what should I select from the job category selector, which will delay the process of job creation. I suggest to remove the category selector, but if you really need to classify the type of the work, move that headache from the user to backend system, where you can categorise the type of jobs based on their tags.