Your Feedback is Always Welcome


This is a new community and its purpose is to help you to gain knowledge in a friendly, welcoming environment. We want you to be able to bounce ideas off your peers and show off your work. If you feel there are areas that we are missing or things that we could do better, please let us know. Either post your ideas in this sub-forum or send us an email. We don’t promise that we’ll do everything that everyone asks, but we’ll certainly listen and take your ideas into account.


Except if they’re really REALLY good ideas. You should keep those to yourself, and go make millions from them!!!


We need to talk about CAPTCHA!! At a UX forum it’s the last place I’d expect to see it :slight_smile:


Totally fair, I hate CAPTCHAs too Dean. We’ll investigate what options we have. Unfortunately my experience with forums is that they can become a target for spammers and bots. At the last place I worked we invested quite a significant amount of effort to try and detect patterns that indicated bot or spammer behaviour, but even with some smart programmers we didn’t completely nail it and inadvertently penalised the experience for innocent users when we hit a false positive.

Hawk may have some thoughts, but I’m not sure that the answer here will be an easy one. Open to suggestions!


I would love to find a good solution too, when you see reports like this: - then it does beg the question why do we bother with it at all? I’ve used Akismet on a Wordpress site, and that was good at capturing the spam, but it isn’t ideal.


I hate them too! We are fairly limited as to our options here because we are using vB Cloud, but there is a Question and Answer verification option. Unfortunately it errors when I try to implement it so I have a support ticket in. Would you consider that a better option?

As an aside, how did you find the rest of the registration process and experience?


I actually like Paul Boag’s approach - I’m not sure how effective it is though.

In short, it is the honeytrap technique - instead of asking the user to fill in a field in the form, trick the spambot into filling the form in.

The rest of the process seemed fine, I can’t remember it to be honest, so that’s a good sign! :slight_smile:


@HAWK - Hey, what’s the best way of keeping up to date with the forums? I’ve been coming here every couple of days and clicking on the “Latest Activity” tab, but I seem to still be missing new updates. Is “Latest Activity” only tracking new threads, rather than all new comments? What’s the best way to keep up? Cheers!


I’d also like to ask about it. I do really want to track all updates but I can’t spend so much time to be online all the time. Maybe you have some ready solution, if not I have a suggestion. As there are a lot of professionals lets make our own Mobile App for this community. I guess it will be very interesting, funny, useful to plan and create an app. We will co-work together, find solutions. I think it will be the best way to communicate to each other, as it is better to do something one time, rather than speak about it 100 of times :slight_smile:

Sorry for my utopian suggestion. It is just a suggestion, I am ready to provide for that reason a part of my time and all my skills. It will be very interesting experiment and also invaluable experience for me (I guess for all participants).


Hey Fox,
Good question. For some reason (vB, say no more) Latest Activity is only displaying new threads as you say, but that is not the expected behaviour. I’ve logged a ticket to get them to explain themselves, but in the mean time, this is what I do.

If you look at this image, the speech bubble that is blue indicates that there are unread replies, whereas the grey one indicates that there are not.
If for some reason you want to clear one without reading it, you can click the ‘Mark Channels Read’ link at the bottom of the homepage. Does that all make sense?


While I absolutely love that idea, we realistically don’t have the finances available at this stage to make it happen.


@HAWK - Aha! Gotcha. Also, what does subscribe or following a user do? I did a quick search and pressed “subscribe” on your page to test it, but I’m not sure.


It will give you notifications of the posts that I make in public forums. It may end up being a bit annoying when things get busier, see how you go. At the least, make sure you don’t have email notifications turned on. You’ll hate me within a day if you get emailed every time I do something on this forum!