Your favourite wireframing/prototyping software?


This has been asked a lot, but I just want to make sure we are all up to date with what people are using and not missing out.

Ive been using Balsamiq since it came out, I also use Photoshop for some stuff.

But I really need software focussed wireframing not Web Pages. Ie forms that run queries in Oracle etc. So I need t be able to label that and have all the wireframe in Business Requirements (spelt out in words) for the BRD.

I also still use paper prototyping, what I like about this as its hands on and explains concepts very easily.

So what do you use and what you like about it?


I forgot to say for Mobile Apps I often use invision.

I dont think it matters what tool you use as long as you know how to use it completely and confidently.


I have the feeling that nobody can give you a proper answer, there are too many topics involve in such discussion and a lots depends on the company/agency you work for.

By definition, the wireframe is a low-fidelity deliverable.
Due to its own nature I’d be kind of confused by what you wrote here:


*Which type of product are working on?
*Do u use PS for wireframing?
*Do u use InVision, that as far as I know is a prototype tool, for wireframing?

Again, when it come to take a decision about the design toolkit you should consider:

  • the budget you have
  • the needs you have in terms of deliverables types (eg responsive, native and IOT)
  • the scalability of the software you’re using in terms of file sharing, team setup etc
  • the skills you need to learn/improve to get up to speed with it/them

PS my fav tool for digital products is Balsamiq for the points I listed above


Enterprise web and mobile Apps, often a normal HTML5/CSS front end, .net. Oracle various DB profucts/features. Often with web apps swap out the .net with Java. I occasionally still uae photoshop for wireframing but its very niche, but is what I used as a BA prior to UX prototype tools being available. Once Balsamiq was released I jumped on it and held tight to the precious old girl.

Budget is pretty infinite. I write business cases for software and infrastructure projects so I can wrap it up in anything from $3m to $30m. This is a good point you raise about sharing. Largely its the systems analyst, my boss and the business sponsor and business owner that I share prototypes with, but usually these are imbedded in the SDLC Business Requirements Document, for traceability, ownership and testing (system, regression, UAT)

I think Im pretty comfortable with what Im using. Of course I learn any new functionality on new iterations.

But the question was more, what are other people using for both straight Web Design and Web App Development? Nothing more than a, “is there anything new out there” type question.



I use Axure because I need a high degree of interaction with my wireframes. I could do everything in balsamiq but it would take ages building all the alternate screens