Your coffee or tea cup


While Hawk’s away, I’m gonna play. :wink:

Let’s have another photo game. I’d like to see y’all’s favorite morning cups.

I generally refer to myself as a delicate flower, but princess’ll work. I like this mug because it’s big. Plus, it feels nice and solid in my hands. I love pressing my palms against its sides while it’s full of hot tea.


I like to start my days with a little chaos.


this my current preferred mug
it reminds me about the great time I had in Colombia and the great quality of Coffee I drank over there

The colour changes when there’s hot content inside it…awesome


The reverse side says “NOW I AM THE MASTER.”


I like Black in Black.


Darth Vader doesn’t need handles


I just got this for Mother’s Day! <3


That’s awesome!


I’m gonna sweep in and take the competition out!


So many awesome mugs!


You have to strain to see the one on the right, but it’s a color change Gryffindor House mug.


I love Gryffindor!!!


Well, I come by it honestly. :smiley:
There’s always the good fight to be fought, and some of us get a particular joy out of it! (My wife’s a Slytherin and continually eye rolls me)


You guys are speaking a language that I don’t understand. :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys all have so awesome and unique mugs! I would love the Harry Potter one, but in Ravenclaw :grin:

Here’s my favourite cup, always at my work desk - not winning the creative competition here, but it’s a handy thermo cup that my brother gave me for Christmas. The simple design is up my alley!


I need that :heart:


Mee toooooo
We’ve crappy tea cup in which they pour coffee. loool